ARDO CBR (Copper Bonded Rod)

Where normal Din Rail type SPDs fail, our robust Wallmount surge protection device stands high with its unbeatable features and high endurance rate.

Escoltrix Ripo Shield WMT Series Surge Protective Device is designed for AC power protection against harmful transients that cost equipment damage and system downtime. Utilizing the Threshold Tracking Circuitry TTC technology, this device provides excellent protection against high energy surges. RSWMT Series is available in  60kA,80kA 100kA and 150kA per phase peak surge capacity with 200kA IC short circuit current rating.

Key Features

  • Silicon High Temperature Voltage Power Connecting Cables.
  • Independent Verification of Performance and Safety.
  • Blue LED for Protection Status Indication.
  • Over Current Fusing and Over Temperature Fusing.
  • Individual Fuse on suppression modules, parallel redundant.
  • Circuit Encapsulation Technology for safety and performance.


Ideal for environments that depend on reliable operations of their computer systems and networks for their day to day operations, such as

  • Data Centers                  • Office Buildings                      • Banks
  • Manufacturing Facilities   • Restaurants                           • Gas Stations 
  • School Campuses
  • Smart Homes