RS RMP E series

ARDO CBR (Copper Bonded Rod)

RS RMP - E – C5, C6 series   

Application Features:

100 BASE T Ethernet, RS RMP Series RJ45 Rack mount and wall mount protector will ensure the reliable operation of networked equipment connected to 10BASE-T, 100BASE-T Ethernet, CDDI, 100VG-AnyLan, ATM155 RS422, RS232, Token Ring, Lease Line, ISDN, T1, DDS, Dial-Up and most other communication interfaces.


Compliant to IEC, VDE, CE standard and provide 3 years warranty services.



Electrical Specification


Clamping Voltage: 7.5V


Peak Pulse Current: 132A 10/1000 us


Response Time: Less than 5ns


Max. Shunt Capacitance: <40pF


It offers

  • Avalanche diode technology
  • In-line installation
  • High speed, High energy handling capability
  • Low shunt capacitance to reduce signal loss
  • Price reasonable with providing the best equipment protection
  • Improved reliability
  • Maximized the equipment up-time


To install, insert the protector in series between the incoming communication lines and the I/O port of the equipment to be protected. The protector ground wire must be connected to the metal chassis of the equipment being protected. Units should be installed at both ends of the data for the most effective protection.



Ground wire must be grounded directly to the metal chassis of the equipment being protected. Also, the equipment chassis must be connected to earth through a properly ground AC power receptacle.