RIPO SHIELD din rail spd series

ARDO CBR (Copper Bonded Rod)

Din Rail Surge Protection Series

The Ripo Shield din rail surge protection series  are designed for limiting surge in low-voltage installations. They also protect subsequently arranged installations and equipment (e.g. EDP-systems, telecommunications system, etc.) against surge caused by switching operations, electrostatic discharges, distant lightning or direct lightning.

Generally, in accordance with lightning protection and equi-potential bonding, lightning current arresters of Class I used for protecting the low-voltage installation against the effects of direct lightning and surge, should be installed in the main power supply system, such as the service entrance, the upstream of meter or the downstream main distribution board, forming the boundary from lightning protection zone 0A to LPZ1 within the Lightning Protection Zones Concept.

A typical application for overvoltage arresters of Class II against the effect of surge caused by atmospheric discharge or switching transients is the main- or sub-distribution board of low-voltage installations forming the boundary from LPZ 1 to LPZ2. The application of surge arresters of Class III is for protection of sensitive equipment against surge, installed on LPZ2 to LPZ3. 

Additional information and complete specifications are in data sheet.