RIPO SHIELD Medium Voltage 3N Series

ARDO CBR (Copper Bonded Rod)

Medium Voltage 3N Series

The Ripo Shield Medium Voltage 3N series SPD is an Industrial Grade; Medium Voltage Secondary Arrester models are specifically designed for heavy duty applications including: Chemical & Pharmaceutical Plants, Waste & H2O Treatment Facilities, Mining, Petroleum & Oil Refineries as well as other Large Scale, Automated, Heavy Commercial or Industrial Production Lines.

Ripo Shield Medium Voltage SPD series are the following;

RS MV3N1000 3 phase Delta + Ground 1000VAC, Delta 3 phase version

RS MV3N1500 3 phase Delta + Ground 1500VAC, Delta 3 phase version

RS MV3N2000 3 phase Delta + Ground 2000VAC, Delta 3 phase version

RS MV3N2500 3 phase Delta + Ground 2500VAC, Delta 3 phase version

RS MV3N3000 3 phase Delta + Ground 3000VAC, Delta 3 phase version

RS MV3N3500 3 phase Delta + Ground 3500VAC, Delta 3 phase version

RS MV3N4160 3 phase Delta + Ground 4160VAC, Delta 3 phase version 

Additional information and complete specifications are in data sheet.