Nexo FR

ARDO CBR (Copper Bonded Rod)

NEXO-FR(Conventional Air Terminal)

NEXO – FR (Franklin Rod) Conventional Lightning Protection: The NEXO FR is a passive device and it serves as a sacrificial device when the lightning strikes the device rather than the building. In a typical building, several of this Nexo FR are installed at various locations on the roof that are likely to be struck by lightning. In this way, the lightning will have a high probability of striking the Nexo FR instead of the roof. Therefore, the building is considered protected from direct lightning strikes. Conventional lightning systems are based on the protection of a structure by making an installation of horizontal or vertical air terminals which are connected to the earth with the help of down conductors. The zones of protection can be determined by the "Cone of Protection" and "Rolling Sphere" methods. The selection of the protection level allows minimizing the risk of damage to people as well as complex and sophisticated equipment and structures. The higher the efficiency of a lightning conductor is, the lower the risk of damages caused by lightning strikes will become. A protection level selection depends on the kind of building, its structure and value. Standards: IS 3029, UL-96A, NFPA 780, LPI 175, IEC 61024-1-2, API 545


Can be mounted directly on the mast or structure to be protected
Provides a traditional air terminal fitted to an isolated fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) mast
The FRP mast offers natural isolation properties, high strength for windy sites and low weight to minimize mast loading
Features a lower-cost cable targeted at the typical shorter installation requirements of the telecommunication industry
Meets the requirements of IEC 62305 lightning protection standards.
Complies with EN 50164-1 and EN 50164-2.
Protection Level:-
Effectiveness of lightning conductor E
I 0.98
II 0.95
III 0.90
IV 0.80