ARDO CBR (Copper Bonded Rod)

Lightning Surge Counter : Nexo LSC-6D



Nexo LSC-6D has been specifically designed to  monitor lightning surge. It is able to record the number of both lightning and switching surge in a specific site.

Construction feature

It consists of a rectifier, capacitor and en electronic switch connected to a mechanical counting relay and is totally molded in a sealed box which is  ideal for exposed installation. The complete assembly is housed in an elegant alloy casting. A suitable window permits easy reading of the counter.


The design of the circuit ensures that the counting relay is not energized for low lightning current impulses which are insignificant to the arrester capability and life.

Since no gaps or series impedance are used, there is no risk of internal arcing and consequent explosive failure in the event of a short circuit following an arrester failure.

Special Features

It is an analog device there for, it gives accurate recording.

It counts up to 999,999 before resetting

It can use even the tower as an input means, as a voltage drop across the shunt triggers the counter.

It only requires an electrical connection spaced 6’ to 10’ feet apart. The larger the lead separation the greater the counter’s sensitivity.

Use a #14 or larger wire gauge for connections with TK clamps and CCK for corrosion free joints

It can instantl tested with polarity battery from 9V to 50V

It is weather resistant.