ARDO FILL Grounding Backfill

ARDO CBR (Copper Bonded Rod)


ARDO Fill (Grounding Backfill)

Ardo Fill©™is a superior conductive grounding backfill compound and is capable of resolving the toughest of grounding problems. Ardo Fill©™grounding backfill compound is low-resistive, non-corrosive and improves grounding effectiveness manifold, especially in areas of poor conductivity. It reduces impedance and enhances the performance, reliability and longevity of grounding systems. Ardo Fill©™ grounding backfill compound improves grounding effectiveness regardless of soil conditions and is particularly suitable for areas where the conductivity is poor such as rocky ground, mountain tops and sandy soil. Once in set form, Ardo Fill©™grounding backfill compound hardens and constantly maintains resistance for the life of the grounding system. Ardo Fill©™ grounding backfill compound doesn’t leach out or wash away, making it maintenance free and cost effective. Ardo Fill©™ grounding backfill compound provides substantial protection to any system where low impedance grounding is required and is particularly useful to improve and protect grounding systems across many industries like Electrical Utilities, Oil and Gas, Broadcasting, Telecommunications etc.

Ardo Fill©™ Models: grounding backfill compound is available in two models- Ardo Fill ST©™ and Ardo Fill STX©™.

Ardo Fill ST©™: This premium grounding backfill compound is meant for achieving low impedance and resistivity in normal soil conditions where soil resistivity is relatively low. Ardo Fill ST©™ is available in 25 lb and 50 lb packs.

Ardo Fill STX©™: This superior grounding backfill component is specifically manufactured for achieving low resistance earth interface in sandy conditions and available only in 25 lb packs.

Ardo Fill©™ Features and Benefits:

  • Maintains resistivity less than 0.2 ohm-cm and superior conductivity.
  • Once set, constantly maintains earth resistance for the life time. Non corrosive, leach fee and doesn’t wash away.
  • Performs in all soil conditions including dry spells. Permanent and maintenance free solution.
  • Withstands heavy ground fault current.
  •  Withstands high fault current withstand.
  • Environmentally neutral as it doesn’t pollute the soil or local water table. Suitable for environmentally sensitive areas as concern for cross contamination has been addressed.
  • Installation in a slurry form enhances high conductivity. Doesn’t require water or salt replacement to maintain conductivity/ resistivity.
  • Protects grounding system from theft and sabotage.
  • Significantly enhances the life of the grounding system.
  • Enhances the performances of grounding system for superior electrical and lightning protection.
  • Protects the earth electrode by providing high conductivity.
  • Reduces electrolytic corrosion.
  • Meets IEC 62561-7 Standard.