ARDO Exothermic Weld

ARDO CBR (Copper Bonded Rod)

ARDO Weld (Exothermic Weld)

A quality product from Escoltrix in Exothermic Weld or thermite welding for facilitating perfect conductivity between two or more metal bodies. It is a method of exothermic bonding by which molten metals are perfectly joined perpetually.

Ardo weld is also known as exothermic weld; termite welding, exothermic bonding etc. It is a welding method by which metals that can be liquidefied by heat, gets joined permanently.

The Ardo Weld or exothermic weld electrical connection process is a simple, efficient method of welding copper to copper or copper to steel and no outside source of power is required while using Ardo Weld. Ardo Weld or exothermic weld connections use the high temperature of reaction of powdered copper oxide and aluminium. The reaction takes place in a semi-permanent graphite mould that lasts for fifty or more welds if properly cared for.

The Ardo Weld or exothermic weld reaction takes place in a very few seconds, therefore, the total amount of heat applied to the conductors or surfaces is considerably less than that employed in brazing or soldering. This is an important consideration when welding to insulated cable or thin wall pipe. Ardo Weld is ideal for field use, since it is light and portable and requires no outside power source. It requires very little time or skill to obtain an efficient, maintenance free electrical connection when using Ardo Weld.

Ardo Weld Connection: The Ardo Weld or exothermic weld connection is a molecular weld. The weld metal has the same melting point as copper. Because of these factors, along with the increased cross section of the connection, Ardo Weld connections: 

1. Will not be affected by a high current surge. Tests have shown that the electrical conductor will melt before the Ardo Weld connection when subjected to high short circuit current. [Consult I.E.E.E. Standard 837-1989]

2. Will not loosen or corrode at the point of weld. There are no contact surfaces or mechanical pressures involved. An Ardo Weld connection becomes an integral part of the conductor.

3. Have a current-carrying capacity equal to or greater than that of the conductors. Ardo Weld or exothermic weld equipment has been used to weld materials other than copper for electrical purposes. Materials welded includes: Stainless Steel, Copper Clad Steel, Steel Rail, Brass, Plain Steel, Bronze, Galvanized Steel Wrought Iron and Cast Iron. 


Ardo weld or Exothermic Welding Procedure

  1. Check the weld mould & weld powder ensure the weld size and corresponding quantity of weld powder.
  2. Make sure that the technician who carries out the work is using the safety items such as Gloves, Glass & Shoes etc.
  3. Clean the mould by using soft brush.
  4. Clean the weld conductor item (Cable, Strip, Plate etc.) by using hard wire brush or sand paper.
  5. Now place the conductor inside the mould and close the mould
  6. Check whether the mould is firmly closed and there is no gap in between the mould & conductor.  If any gap found, then filler material can be used for filling the gap.
  7. Open the cubicle cover and place the steel disc.
  8. Put the Ardo weld powder in the cubicle & then pour some weld starter powder over it.
  9. Close the cubicle lid.
  10. Ignite the weld starter powder by using spark igniters.
  11. After the weld process wait for 5-10 minutes then open the cubicle cover and then open the weld mould carefully. The mould will be very hot, so do not touch the mould without using gloves.
  12. Clean the mould and welded joints.
  13. Check the joint and ensure the joint is properly welded.
  14. Repeat the same procedure for next weld.