lps Audit

We live in the earth's environment which is constantly electrified. During Lightning, the charge generated in the cloud gets down to the earth through a conductive path with disastrous direct and indirect effects. A Lightning bolt travels about 14,000 m/hr bringing 300, 000 amperes of electricity to the ground in just a few milliseconds and heats the air around to 30,000º C which is five times hotter than the surface of the Sun. The high current associated with the lightning, destroys human life, structures, power and communication networks in an area where it strikes. So it is necessary to pay the highest attention to lightning because the vast majority of the lightning disasters can be easily & efficiently avoided.

To protect electronic equipment, several different aspects such as shielding, bonding and grounding must be considered. The lightning protection standards provide methodology to protect structures and buildings from lightning strikes. Our LPS survey is a detailed study of the facility to be protected based on the standards and we prepare a report which includes Assessment of Lightning Risk, Need of Protection, Estimation of Exposure Risk -The probability of a structure being struck by lightning & overall assessment of Risk. No lightning protection system is maintenance-free. LPS needs to be maintained based on applicable standards. During the audit, our engineers will carry out testing of LPS grounding system, Inspection of air terminations & down conductors, checking on Surge diverters and suppressers etc. to ensure the effectiveness of existing LPS in the facility.