About Escoltrix

Escoltrix is a US based company manufacturing lightning protection, Surge Protection and grounding systems. The company has a strong international presence and is committed to deliver solutions in every nook and corner of the world. The promoters of the company are professionals who have been working in the lightning protection system sector for more than three decades, and possess the experience and expertise necessary to drive innovation and technology for improving lightning protection and grounding systems.

Escoltrix employs an assembly focused manufacturing process rather than conveyer type to effectively address diverse product requirements. The process allows the company to cater to highly customized requirements of the various clients

Escoltrix Mission

Escoltrix strives to make the world a better place to live in by reducing the damage to life and property caused by lightning strikes through quality protection and grounding equipment capable of optimal protection of people and buildings. The Company's mission is to exceed the existing standards in the industry and perform beyond the expectations of customers. Escoltrix endeavours to sustain the highest level of excellence in risk mitigation evaluation, product & technology offerings, design, and systems services. By committing all resources of the company to achieve superior customer satisfaction, Escoltrix has established a strong bond with the customers. At Escoltrix, we ascribe topmost priority to customer satisfaction. The quality of our products and services, reliability, cost- effective pricing, on-time delivery, and proper transactional processing are the salient features which contribute to the appreciation we get from our customers. The core of Escoltrix philosophy and corporate culture is the comprehensive quality management covering all aspects of our operations. The stringent standards assigned for procurement and manufacturing are aimed at delivering quality lightning protection and grounding, and they enforce continued improvement.

Escoltrix constantly develops and evaluates leading edge lightning protection, grounding system, and power quality components as well as other devices and products to deliver the best solutions to its customers. The global presence of Escoltrix ensures a proper, precise, and practically interactive local knowledge of applicable technology for diverse circumstances in regions across the world. It will be a pleasure and privilege for us to work with new customers and offer top quality products and services to fulfill their requirements.

Escoltrix Vision

Escoltrix thrives to become the global leader in lightning protection and grounding system sector by providing the highest quality lightning protection system components available globally. This commitment to quality is the driving force behind all operations of the company as it is covering numerous milestones on its journey to unreached heights in customer satisfaction. The company harnesses technology and implement innovative ideas to emerge as the leader and sustain its success in providing the most effective lightning protection and grounding systems to make the world safer than ever before.